“I got harassed by two grown men last night whilst others stood and laughed.”

A young woman was thrown to the ground by two grown men at a kebab shop in Maidstone.

Rebecca Spounge, 18, was grabbed and pushed to the floor while others stood and laughed.

One of the drunken men attempted to inappropriately touch the 18-year-old’s chest. She threw her chips at him and both men violently grabbed her and swung her to the floor.

Rebecca was on her way home from a night out at Source Bar, she decided to stop by the nearest kebab shop by herself before getting a taxi home.

The incident happened at ‘Pizza Hot 4 You’ kebab shop in Maidstone, Kent

Rebecca said: “These group of men were shouting stuff at me saying they wanted to ‘take me home’.

“After ignoring them they started getting nasty.”


The rowdy men were verbally abusing Rebecca with phrases such as ‘slag’, and rude remarks such as ‘where’s your arse girl?’

After she confronted them, the two men physically assaulted her.

Rebecca said:

“He went to grab my boob, I threw my cheesy chips at his face… Next thing I know I’m being thrown to the ground by these 2 guys.”

The incident happened on January 22 between 3.30am and 4.00am at ‘Pizza Hot 4 U’ kebab shop in Maidstone Town Centre.

Rebecca, a hotel receptionist from Tunbridge Wells described journey back home as traumatising.

She said: “There was absolutely nothing I could do. I just cried and cried.”

64% of women experienced unwanted sexual harassment in public places. It is common that they develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Most people develop PTSD after experiencing a traumatising event such as sexual harassment.

Rebecca did not report the incident despite wanting to, she asked the kebab shop for CCTV footage the next day but they refused to cooperate.

80% of street harassment goes unreported because victims are scared no one will believe them.

Watch the figures

The video below created by Claisse Opulencia display figures and facts about sexual harassment. 


What would you do?


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