Someone’s tampon fell out at a play area and people went crazy

Thrill seeker’s night are ruined when they found a used tampon lying around at an indoor play area.

Visitors were left horrified when they nearly landed on a bloody tampon lying around at Playzone.

A group of people were enjoying their time at the upstairs play area when they came across the tampon, suspecting it fell out of someone without them noticing.

The tampon [right] was found at the upstairs play area behind the rainbow slides [left].
Before calling for assistance for it to be disposed, a crowd gathered around the abandoned tampon to take pictures and update their Snapchat stories.

A member of staff came to rescue with a pair of gloves and a plastic bag to get rid of it.

With a tone of disgust, she said: “Why would someone leave it?!”

Left: A member of staff came to dispose the tampon equipped with gloves and a plastic bag. Right: A woman refused to leave one of the obstacles until the tampon was removed.

One of the people who found the tampon, Christiana Paniyiotou, 21, said that her night went from:

‘fun to f*cked’

Christiana said: “It was jank! I came out of one of the obstacles and it was right in the area where you fall. When I saw it, I nearly threw up. Disgusting!”


Video footage of the incident. One of the visitors joked and commented: “You see when you’re tampon falls out, you’re having too much fun!”

The incident happened on Friday, February 10th at around 22.30pm.

Fridays at Playzone are ‘Adult Evenings’ where only over 18s can enter the play area with access to the bar for alcoholic drinks.

Playzone spokesperson said: “The incident was dealt with in line with our health and safety procedures.”

Playzone, Portsmouth


Some people argued that it was a prank pulled by a drunk visitor, questioning whether a tampon can really fall out of someone.

Can a woman’s tampon fall out easily? Have a listen:

Let’s ask the women:

We conducted a survey to pick the brains of real women on whether a tampon can fall out without them noticing. [infogram credit:]

The verdict: Do you think it was a prank?


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